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Feb 1, 2013 6:00am EST
't agree. the management of their own area. so russia, eastern europe, china, asia. i think people fail to think through what the implications are, and i wonder if you could just play that out for a moment. because our asian allies have not failed to think this through. >> absolutely. and, briefly, i think there's two problems with offshore balancing. one is the political, and one is the practical. everything you said is absolutely right, and i think that sort of falls in the phase zero period of political. you have to have skip in the game. i know it's a cliche, but if you're not there present, then the asians question extraordinarily why you're going to come in when the stakes get much higher. and they don't even need to think out to the existential question of, you know, soviet -- soviet, chinese icbms -- hoping for the good old days when things were much clearer. [laughter] does the nuclear umbrella still hold. for them the credibility is your daily presence, and as you point out, we've already been doing offshore balancing even while being present because we've had the filipinos ou
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am EST
by russia to impose a ban as a result of the use here of rack taupe mean that is not scientifically based and is contrary to international law. our office has stated very clearly it's our expectation that russia will reverse that decision. that's another risk to the livestock industry that's manmade. now, fortunately, we got some good news yesterday as the scientific commission from oie has now indicated that the u.s. can now be considered a negligence jill risk nation for bse, and hopefully that will be confirmed this summer. and we further got good news with additional opening of markets, particularly for our beef. last month we talked about the opportunity that japan is now affording for a wider market in japan which is good news, and we've had the korean free trade agreement and the opportunities that presents. we've also seen mexico relax some of its restrictions on beef purchases and today hong kong will join that list by indicating a willingness to take all deboned beef products of any age and boned-in beef less than 30 months. so an expanding opportunity where trade barriers are c
Feb 6, 2013 7:30am EST
the owner of a tv networking. in america, the grandson of poor immigrants who fled russia come here and that grandson became the majority leader of our house of representatives. [applause] that's what this country is about. [applause] you know, in north carolina, two bicycle shop mechanics gave mankind the gift of light. the wright brothers flew 22 feet at that time. 18 feet in the air. they performed a miracle. as a result, only 66 years later this country put a man on the moon and brought him back. that's who we are. we can do an enormous amount as a people. the wright brother's father, milton, actually inspired his sons by giving them a toy helicopters. he never ever wanted his two sons orville and will burt to fly together for fear he would lose them. seven years after the original flight, so in 1910, milton gave them the permission to fly together. the only time they ever did in the and it lasted six minutes. later that day they took the father up in to the air. it lasted seven minutes. rising 350 feet at that time. while mil ton shouted, higher with orville, higher. i think it
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3